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Rostock in One Day
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Rostock, the old Hanseatic university city at the mouth of the Warnow on the Baltic Sea, attracts more than one million visitors every year. The medieval city gates, monasteries and outstanding brick Gothic gabled houses in the Old and former Middle Towns give a hint of the Hansa era's heyday. The market squares and the three huge brick Gothic churches in the city are always worth a visit. A harbour sightseeing cruise takes the visitor past the city harbour and Rostock's port up to Warnemünde, whose white sandy beach and picturesque Alter Strom area make it one of the Baltic's most beautiful seaside resorts. 'Hanse Sail', one of the largest annual festivals of traditional sailing vessels in the Baltic region, draws visitors from all over the world to the green city by the sea. This self-guided walking tour takes the visitor to the most important sights in Rostock and Warnemünde. In a single day you can experience the city's almost 800-year-old history in an entertaining and informative way - naturally with the obligatory stops to enjoy Mecklenburg's hospitality.

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